UnknownHostException of the sample

I am so glad to receive your sample.But there is a UnknownHostException appeared in the test step of the SMH after I imported your sample and ran it.Could someone tell me why did the Exception appeared?What Shoud I do?

Hi Steven,

What is the hostname printed after the UnknownHostException? The sample which I posted has localhost as the hostname. If localhost cannot be resolved for some reason then you would get this exception. Try changing the name hostname in the connection properties to something other than localhost.

This is explained in “Creating a Socket Connection” in the doc.




The hostname printed after the UnknownHostException is usajlevt42.I hava already changed the host of SocketConnection to IP address of the computer on which the socket resides.Why dose it always appears UnknownHostException?

Thank you so much.



You’ll have to correct the Web Service URL on the Socket Gateway Properties page. Its still pointing to my machine, unfortunately.


It is OK.There is an error that the web service url is pointing to usajlevt42.Just like you said.I hava corrected it.
Thank you.