Unix to Linux- Find sorted / CP / AD=Y


Right now I am facing with some problems that I am not sure if it is documented.

I am cataloging the objects (catall) after migrating from Unix to Linux (using SYSOBJH transfer), and, at this moment, see below the problems:

  1. On Unix NAT5 version, the applications use FIND – SORTED BY. The field on SORTED BY is not a descriptor. However, on NAT6, the compiler is checking if this field is or not a descriptor and if not, an error occurs. Does anyone know if there is a parameter or an option to solve it? Or do I need to set on DDM that the field is a descriptor? (there are many fields and objects with this scenario)

  2. After transferring the objects using SYSOBJH - source only, just one object (at this moment), I cannot edit it. An error – NAT3420 Source Code Conflit …0xE9 and code page UTF-8. Do I need to set the parameter CP? Why the other objects work fine?

  3. Does anyone know if the statement – MOVE (AD=Y) is not allowed on NAT6?

Thank you.


According to the post, the item 1 is a bug that happened on NAT5, NAT61, and it was corrected on NAT62, NAT63.


Right. To solve this you can

  1. make the field a descriptor
  2. mark the field with an “N” inside the DDM. http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/natural/nat6312unx/sm/find.htm#WITH_Clause

See also http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/23409.page

As far as I know this is not allowed anywhere in Natural.

AD=Y is associated with a variable being displayed (WRITE, INPUT, PRINT, DISPLAY).

For example, look at (and run) the following:

define data local
1 #a (a3)
1 #c (c)
1 #b (a5)
move (cd=ye) to #c
input (cv=#c) #a #b (ad=y)