Unix Diff script to compare packages


I am wondering if any one has created a script to compare packages on two different Integration Servers. What I’d like to do is perform a diff at the package level and have it check for all differences of all objects below the Package level directory. It is only busy work to put one together, I just wonder if anyone has already spent the time.

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There are various (diff) Tools available in the market,which also can be used for comparing the wM packages and it checks very keenly what the changes made between different versions of same package/ns folders etc…,which will save us more time than coding a scripts.

As far i remember its called Win Diff tool.

you may try searching in download.com,

Thank you, I will look where you suggest.

Since I posted my message I actually did create a pretty OK dircmp shell script to compare packages and all directories below. Everything is easy when you know the right command.

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Would you be kind enough to post that compare script? I have done some cloogy stuff, and am wondering if theres a more efficient way of doing it.


It’s crude but it does compare two webMethods packages in a Unix environment. We have used it in my office.

You need to set three parameters – the package name and the two Integration Servers you are comparing.

Unix script to compare two webMethods packages
diff.sh (1.3 k)

Hi Juliann,
If possible could you please post the script again for comparing packages between two environments as i’m not able view from earlier one.
Thanks in advance.