Universal Messaging Features 9.9

Hi there,

Ok a dumb question, I have been reading the UM webhelp.

My question is How and where do you set Nirvana.directory.provider system property?

Since if it is set to com.pcbsys.foundation.security.auth.fLDAPAdapter, then LDAP will be used as the source of user information.

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Hi Andrew,

Were you able to configure Ldap on UM?

If yes, please share the location where you set the Nirvana.directory.provider system property.

I am on 9.10 and do not see where to set this property on our Enterprise Manager.



You can configure LDAP by setting ‘Nirvana.directory.provider’ to ‘com.pcbsys.foundation.security.auth.fLDAPAdapter’ in server_common.conf file located at \UniversalMessaging\server\umserver\bin.

Make sure to set xx value to be unique in the setting wrapper.java.additional.xx=-DNirvana.directory.provider=com.pcbsys.foundation.security.auth.fLDAPAdapter.

Similarly we need to set below entry as well in server_common.conf file:

Make sure to restart the UM realm server after updating the conf file.