Universal Messaging / Enterprise Manager conditional authentication

Hi Jonathan,

For Universal Messaging / Enterprise Manager is there a possibility of restricting the authentication in this way

  • manual users who log into Enterprise Manager are always authenticated
  • sessions generated by custom adapters (such as .Net adapter, who cannot send password in the session request) need not be authenticated via the AD. They will use Basic Authentication or SSL Authentication Scheme as described in the documentation below.



Hi Revathi,

Yes, it is possible. You could use two authentication modules. Possibly,

  1. InternalLoginModule (sufficient)
  2. LdapLoginModule (Required)

You will have to write custom log on call backs to assign necessary ACLs uponj log on.

Hi Karthik Babu,

Thanks for the response.

The jaas.conf and Server_Common.conf looks as attached.

Can you kindly suggest how we need to modify them?

Also please throw more light on writing custom log on call backs to assign necessary ACLs uponj log on.

Server_Common.conf (7.71 KB)
jaas.conf (883 Bytes)