Unit testing and code analysis in wM


Are there tools available that help to implement and execute unit tests in webMethods and to implement code coverage (i.e. to see how much code has been tested with the unit tests)? It would be cool if there also were some reporting tools.

Are there tools for statical code analysis (e.g. to check that no non-existing services are called etc)?

Thanks for any hints!

I think u can do it from QC.

please check.



For Integration server, I guess there is wmunit. But I am not sure when it was last updated and till which version it supports.

For CAF, I guess any tool used for Java will do. For reporting you can use Sonar.

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Ninad Patil

Is Sonar cube available for code review as well ?

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You can contact me i can help you setup a proper CI for webMethods without any licensed products all open source solutions for code review , coverage and automated Unit Test

Really? That would be cool! Could you please just name those solutions? Because I know of no open source solution for e.g. code coverage analysis (for webMethods, of course).


Shashank Mitra, that would be a topic for a very nice wiki article! :wink:

In the meantime, I’m using a CI tool from Ferrologic which integrates with Jenkins and does unit testing and code validation (and mock services).

I also know WRIGHTIA is working on a development tool.

SonarCube code analysis examples are available on github but they seem rather cumbersome to setup.

As for unit testing, when not using Ferrologic’s solution, I setup a simple simple which calls the service to test and I them compare with the intended output.

To compare two documents a use a simple trick: I convert both documents to xml strings with pub.document:documentToXMLValues. :wink:

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Hello Gerardo ,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yap i am working on the same would be sharing it in few days.

The solutions your talked about yap they are good and proven but for me i dont see that they are so much cost when we look at licensing.

Initial for my current project we were in discussion on Ferrologic and yap the product is good but some how cost didnt justify the same.

:stuck_out_tongue: till date have found a lot of work arounds to Software AG limitations . currently i am working to have it posted on a wiki.

Just like Software AG says that if you use ABE you cannot use wmmonitor services to get the image specific information.

But still there are workarounds :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a publicly available information about their solution (features etc.)?


I don’t know where they have specific information but you can always contact the Swedish or Belgium offices.

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Please have a look at the webMethods Unit tests solution which is very efficient at testing IS services.

It can also be integrated with jenkins and the ABE.



Rational Integration Testing tool from IBM.It does not officially support later versions…but it workd
Lisa from CA
wmTestSuite from SAG

There are good options for code review and code quality validation out there. One such a solution is offered commercially by my company. The rules of the community does not allow me to elaborate but if this still an open question, feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

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For Unit testing, I’ve seen the following:

  • WmTestSuite from SoftwareAG
  • IBM Rational Test Workbench (formerly GreenHat) - have not seen at a customer in a while.
  • iTKO Lisa (now owned by CA) - also have not seen in a while

If I’m doing it, would probably go with wMTestSuite today.

For Code Quality, I’ve seen…

  • SonarQube - Build your own plugin (think I saw an open source one out there somewhere you could use as a starting point) or get from Ferrologic.
  • Centipod’s FlowMastr Code Quality tool which Chris Schuit referenced above.

If I’m doing it today, would go with Centipod.

Best of luck.

Hello everybody,

Just some information from my side:

I am also sure that there are more such tools that are private inside different organizations.

I can recommend the WmTestSuite (licensed!) in combination with ANT / Azure DevOps pipelines.

If the focus is on unit testing best approach is wmTestSuite.

It’s probably the most widely known approach but not the best one IMO. At any rate, it is much better than no tests at all.

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