union using Tamion Query Extension, but Query not supported

Hi there,

I’m doing a project, where I store statistical data in Tamino. Data is stored as graphs, where a graph is a collection of x/y-points. Each graph has a head and data, where the information in the head is used by filters in the X-Queries.

if I use the query


I get the expected answer, but if I say:


I get a ?Query not supported?

I guess that I could say

//simplegraph[//creator=‘Isabel’ or //creator=‘Robert’]

But I want to eventually use my (not yet implemented) function to say


The average() function I want to implement takes a collection of graphs and returns one graph.

Any advice? Will this supported in the newest version of Tamino?
(I’m also worried that a Tamino Query Extension implemented in COM or Java won’t be able to handle large XML nodes)

Hi Robert,
I think it is possible to formulate:
/graphlines[ {some expression} ] | average(/graphlines[ {some expression} ])
| ist the union operator, but I’m not shure that this will work in V2.3.
It’s important:
Everything you write in a filter: , will not add something to the output. It is only possible to remove something. The parts outside the filter expression form your result, the filters are used to prevent procession all the documents and all the nodes.
/graphlines | average(/graphlines) forms the output
Best regards