Unexpected results using correlation service

Hi All,

I’ve a model in which the start step (s1)subscribes to an incoming notification document and the next step(s2) does some processing and publishes a document(request). The next (s3) step subscribes to another document (reply) and must then complete the process.

I’m calling the correlation service on steps s1 and s3, Is that right ? The correlation Id’s that are generated are a match.

Also, does the step s2 and s3 need to be AND joined in the process model or there shouldn’t be any join at all. If I do the AND join, the process shows waiting for step s3, and when the reply comes back in it completes the processing, but doesn’t update the process status. Sometimes, it creates a new instant of the process with step s3.

Any help is appreciated. I’ve been stuck with the issue from a long time now.


You need to have AND join betwen step s2 and s3; also specify the join timeout. if the step timesout before receiving the subscription document then the PRT will create new instance when the actual subscription document arrives. You can achieve it with retry logic to make the step wait for some more time or you cn increase the time out interval.
Hope this helps!