Unable to transform XML with WmXSLT transformSerialXML!!


I am trying to convert a SOAP request XML with WmXSLT transformSerialXML service and getting HTTP Response 401: unable to iniatiate JAXP transformation!! I tested my XSL in XML Spy and it is working absolutely fine. I also tested the sample in WmXSLT package and it is working fine.

Here are the steps i am following to transform this XML…

  1. convert the inbound request to Document
  2. then call documentToXMLString with ‘encoding=true’ (This is not removing carriage returns and extra spaces between tags…is that Ok?)
  3. Convert the resultant XML payload to bytes by stringToBytes
  4. Pass bytes, My XSL and input parameters to XSLT service transformSerialXML

Please someone help me in providing the best practices for implementing the XSLT transformations when passing bytes or XMLStream and input!

Appreciate your help in this regard.