NameSpace not supported by Parser Error while trying XSLT ex

I downloaded the XSLT server extension and plugged it to my Tamino server. Then I tried out the NASCAR Driver example that came with the extension package. I followed the correct instllation procedures and then the steps in the “A Simple Transformation example” document. When I attempted to call the XSLT.transformFromCollection method I received the following error:-

javax.xml.transform.TransferException :java.IllegalArgumentException: NameSpace not supported by Parser

Can anyone help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

It looks as if you’ve got a configuration problem here: the XSLT processor that you’re using doesn’t work with the XML parser that you’re using. The XSLT processor has apparently requested a namespace processing option that the XML parser doesn’t support.

So you need to find out which XSLT processor and XML parser are being loaded, and change your classpath and/or system properties to get the one that you actually want. Sometimes the simplest approach is to specify the chosen processor/parser explicitly in your application by calling System.setProperty() - see the JAXP specification for details. But a change to the classpath will usually fix the problem.

Michael Kay