Unable to start UM server

Hi Team,

Can you please let me know if any one has faced the issue.

Issue: UM server is not starting.

Verified the logs " \UniversalMessaging\server\umserver\data\nirvana.log" and observed the below log information.
Log Message: Server SHutdown initiated due to JVM Exit Handler Called "

After this nothing is written.,

Kindly let me know if any one is aware of this and how can we fix this.

These errors are due to JVM memory scarcity, Increase MaxDirectMemorySize as long as there is enough memory available RAM.

Can you share some specs here

1> OS
2> Physical RAM
3> UM Version
4> Memeory allocated to UM

Hello there,

The log message that you’re seeing in the Nirvana server log is raised when the JVM itself is exit/shutting down for some unknown reason. The cause of this Exit is on the JVM side and not from the Nirvana product side.

Nirvana adds a hook into the JVM (or running on top of JVM), so when JVM is exiting, Nirvana gets notified and logs the message you mentioned above and attempt to shutdown correctly. This is what happened.

Why JVM exited, unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to tell since this is on the JVM side, and not from Nirvana. I guess the cause of the JVM to exit can be due to the shell running the server was closed or a Crtl+C was received (or kill -n), etc.