Unable to start API portal (apiportalbundle_s STARTING)

Hi All,

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I have started cloud agent and then trying to start portal,
The service apiportalbundle_s is in Status STARTING, I can not stop it or restart it

[wmadmin@localhost acc]$ ./acc.sh -h localhost -u Clous -pwd g3h31m -p 18003

ACC+ localhost>list

ID State Version Type
zoo_s STARTED com.ARIS.runnables.zookeeper-run-prod
postgres_s STARTED com.ARIS.runnables.PostgreSQL-run-prod
cloudsearch_s STARTED com.ARIS.cip.y-cloudsearch-run-prod
elastic_s STARTED com.ARIS.runnables.elasticsearch-run-prod
kibana_s STARTED com.ARIS.runnables.kibana-run-prod
apiportalbundle_s STARTING com.ARIS.bundles.apiportalbundle-run-prod
loadbalancer_s STARTED com.ARIS.runnables.httpd.httpd-run-prod

ACC+ localhost>

Any one has idea on this ? please share your inputs

In the logs in find:

Auto-generated modification set for configuration set ‘apiportal’ has not been created. That’s not ok.

Did you configure unix specific settings which is mentioned in “Prepare to Install API Portal on a UNIX System” section of “10-1_System_Requirements_for_Software_AG_Products.pdf”

You should have some errors in localhost..log/ default.log/ system.out/ catalina..log located in $$SoftwareAG/API_Portal/server/bin/work/work_apiportalbundle_s/base/logs. Please check and share the error.