How to resolve apiportalbundle runnable start issue - Probable fatal error:No fonts found

This article will help you resolve "apiportalbundle" starting issue due to "Probable fatal error:No fonts found" error message in log files.

After API Portal installation, if "apiportalbundle" runnable doesn't start & stays in "STARTING" state; navigate to the following location <Install_Dir>\API_Portal\server\bin\work\work_apiportalbundle_s\base\logs and look for "localhost.log" & "default.log".

Open the log files & look for "Probable fatal error:No fonts found" error in it. If this error is found, follow the steps mentioned below to resolve it.

1. Navigate to /usr/share/fonts/dejavu folder & list the fonts present in it.

2. If the folder doesnt contain the fonts that start with "DejaVuLGC", then the required fonts are missing in the system.

3. Run the following command as sudo user

4. Missing "dejavu-lgc-*" specific fonts will be listed as ready to install. Accept & install these fonts.

5. Once these fonts are installed, again list the fonts present inside "dejavu" folder. Now the fonts that start with "DejaVuLGC" will be present inside the folder.

6. Run the following command to create the required link to "dejavu-lgc" folder.

7. Kill and start "apiportalbundle" runnable. It will be started successfully. (8.63 MB)