Unable to set private key and certificate chain


Why there are so many exception on certificate chain, such as:

Unable to set private key and certificate chain - com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException [ISS.0086.9121] Certificate file not found: D:.…\xxx.der

the platform is:
Windows 2000 Server, IS 6.1, RosettaNet 6.1, TradingNetworks.

Does somebody help me?


As the error says:
“com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException [ISS.0086.9121] Certificate file not found: D:.…\xxx.der”

Plese make sure that file/file-name your are using exists.



Yemi Bedu

Hi Hudson,

The above recommendations seem straighforward to me, perhaps the following is less:
We had the same problem, it was related to the fact the IS stores the certificate file in a temporary location while preparing to send over ssl when your servers are running in clustered mode and you store the default certificate in the partner profile.
The problem is addressed in TNS_Fix 44. In the readme:

“Trading Networks server writes temporary client certificate
files on the file system in order to override Integration
Server’s default certificate in establishing ssl connections
to remote secure servers. This has caused FileNotFoundException
if different nodes in a cluster are involved in secure
document deliveries.”



Hi Loic,
You got me there.
Thank you,

I have a basic question. Where do we get this information of CA chain certificates come from ? Does the partner give us or do we need to set up something ?