Unable to See KPI Graphs

Hi all,

we were using optimize addEvents to add events to Optimize (the event mapping and the corresponding dimensions and facts have been defined and deployed properly… we also verfied the same in the DB Tables). We were able to see the KPI graphs after we add some events in Optimize earlier.We have a new webMethods server configured on a different host and the new server is also using the same database for optimize tables with same user and schema.

We have created eventmapping and defined KPI’s on the new Server now. After adding events to the Optimize, we are not able to see any graph in the Business Data-> Add Event mapping page. nor we can see any logs in the DB which track the events that were added.

Can any one provide help on this ?

was wondering if we can point two Optimize Environments(present on different physical server) point to the same DB(all DB parameters are same)


Hi I just noticed there are some errors in the server log
can some one help me identify the error and fix it. below are the error logs
[13476]2009-09-03 06:00:57 GMT [WmAuditingSC.queue.2010D] Attempting to insert event onto queue ‘Session Queue’
[13477]2009-09-03 06:01:14 GMT [ISS.0142.0001D] Registered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@53d858
[13478]2009-09-03 06:01:14 GMT [ISS.0142.0002D] Unregistered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@53d858 is true
[13479]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [ISS.0142.0001D] Registered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@3e2b8
[13480]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (Using Connection broker://sato.corp.apple.com:6859/Broker #1/analysis) [pid={1}] {2}
[13481]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventType ExceptionEventType) [pid={1}] {2}
[13482]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 0 Host value alberta.corp) [pid={1}] {2}
[13483]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 1 Port value 12345) [pid={1}] {2}
[13484]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 2 AdapterType value PUB_FILE) [pid={1}] {2}
[13485]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 3 FlowType value %BAM_Chakri.Docs:ExceptionEvent/FlowType%) [pid={1}] {2}
[13486]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 4 EventName value someEventName) [pid={1}] {2}
[13487]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 5 EventInstanceName value InstanceName) [pid={1}] {2}
[13488]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 6 InterfaceName value someInterfaceName) [pid={1}] {2}
[13489]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 7 InterfaceInstanceName value someInterfaceName) [pid={1}] {2}
[13490]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 8 AppInstanceName value InstanceName) [pid={1}] {2}
[13491]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 9 AppName value somePublisher) [pid={1}] {2}
[13492]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 10 ErrorCode value 001) [pid={1}] {2}
[13493]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 11 BusinessIndentifier value W039023) [pid={1}] {2}
[13494]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 12 ApplicationSeqNumber value ) [pid={1}] {2}
[13495]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 13 T1 value 23) [pid={1}] {2}
[13496]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 14 T2 value 43) [pid={1}] {2}
[13497]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [PRT.0101.0003D] (eventMap key 15 T3 value 231) [pid={1}] {2}
[13498]2009-09-03 06:01:15 GMT [ISS.0142.0002D] Unregistered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@3e2b8 is true
[13499]2009-09-03 06:01:21 GMT [ISS.0142.0001D] Registered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@6c0779
[13500]2009-09-03 06:01:21 GMT [ISS.0142.0002D] Unregistered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@6c0779 is true
[13501]2009-09-03 06:01:45 GMT [ISS.0142.0001D] Registered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@a79911
[13502]2009-09-03 06:01:45 GMT [ISS.0142.0002D] Unregistered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@a79911 is true
[13503]2009-09-03 06:03:21 GMT [ISS.0142.0001D] Registered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@76958f
[13504]2009-09-03 06:03:21 GMT [ISS.0142.0002D] Unregistered Lifecycle Listener com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageLifecycleListener@76958f is true.

Thank you

does anyone else encountered this issue and found any solution pls ?