Unable to register delivery service


I have just installed IS46 and TN46 with a connectJDBC driver. IS46 works fine but I cannot start TN because of the following message:
“Unable to register delivery service Primary HTTP - SQLException inserting new delivery service Primary HTTP: [DataDirect][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01722: invalid number”

I tested the driver and I can log to the db fine. Has anyone face the same problem?


Did you initialize the TN db by importing init.xml?

No, but I can’t access the console because of the error. So I’m stuck. I created the TN db via a SQL script given by webMethods.

You can try initializing from the command line. Go to the \IntegrationServer4\packages\WmTN\bin dorectory.

type this:
tnimport -xml init.xml -db

What happens?

Dai - Try initing the DB as Theo says. Also. this a google search on the “ORA-01722” error above returns:


You may find this useful.