Unable to receive E-mail body and attachment from service invoked by POP3

Hi experts,

I am currently developing a service which is invoked by E-Mail Port (POP3) to read data from attachment or body of the email.

My receive service as follow:
→ pub.flow:getTransportInfo
→ pub.mime:createMimeData

My problem is the service can not read attachment or body of the e-mail.

Thank you for any help offered.

Xu Jay

Save pipeline.gif

Hi Xu Jay,
Your email states, you have problem in receiving email but the screenshot that you had kept on the post is for pub.client:smtp (which is used to send email)… Hope the below info will be useful for you to debug…

  • Go to Administrator webPage > Security > Ports > Add Port
  • select webMethods/Email
  • select default package to receive emails (or leave default WmRoot)
  • enter email account info in Server Information section
  • enter name of Default service eg: MyFolder:MyService
  • email arrives in pipeline as object called “contentStream” so define an input object type for the service called “contentStream”
  • use createMimeData to convert to IData object

pub.mime.createMimeData (map contentStream to input)
pub.mime.getBodyPartContent (part 0 = header, 1 = attachment)

Now when you invoke pub.flow.getTransportInfo this should work and restore pipeline should also work.


Hello Senthil,

I followed the steps mentioned, but could still see the content as NULL.

The email does not contain any attachments. Please guide. webMethods version=9.8