Unable to MAP a string to dropdown in wMIO


I need to map an input string to a field in pipeline whose value is a dropdown. How can I do that in wM.io? Ex:-

Input string, str=ABC
to be mapped to one of the values in str=DEF, GHI, JKL (available to me as a dropdown).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Atul, welcome to our forum. Before I answer I like to understand your problem right.

When we talk about “mapping” in our pipelines two values, this means we are linking the variables of the same together.
What you are asking for is however on the level of the content / payload, you want this to be manipulated / transformed to meet your predefined values.
Is that correct?

Hi Holm,
Let me describe the problem more clearly:- I have a document as an input which contains a field, say, priority=3. And I want to map this to the salesforce’s status field(I am using Salesforce Connector). But in salesforce, the status field is a dropdown (containing values as, let’s say- Sev 3, Sev 4, etc.).

Now, I want a mechanism to map my field to salesforce’s field (based on condition, say, if input priority equals 3 map with Sev 3).

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