Unable to login to webMethods server

I am Unable login to webMethods server

2006-09-08 16:26:25 IST [ISS.0028.0050C] Start user task scheduler
2006-09-08 16:26:25 IST [ISS.0098.0021D] Persistent Trigger Output Dispatcher started
2006-09-08 16:26:25 IST [ISS.0098.0021D] Volatile Trigger Output Dispatcher started
2006-09-08 16:26:25 IST [ISS.0098.0027D] PersistenceManager started all Stores
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0025.0036C] Dispatcher started
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0025.0005C] Port Manager started
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0025.0013C] Cache Sweeper started
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0014.0002C] Initialization completed in 391 seconds.
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0014.0026C] Master password for outbound password encryption expires in 30 days
2006-09-08 16:26:26 IST [ISS.0025.0016C] Config File Directory Saved
2006-09-08 16:26:42 IST [MON.0119.0701D] Not performing Broker push (not connected)
2006-09-08 16:28:31 IST [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user Administrator on port 5555 → ‘’ from

I am getting above error while trying to login to webMethods server. I have copied the config directory back up to config directory still I am having the same problem. Can anybody can help.

Thanks in advance.


What password are you using to login to Integration Server (there is no such product named “webMethods server”)? Did someone change it without letting you know?

No one changed the password. It is giving same problem for all twenty users

We too face this problem, but it was momentary. We are trying to replicate this error, but have not been able to do it.

Error logs are giving the error msg “Master password for outbound password encryption has expired”

We did go through the pdfs, but still they dont reveal about “all of a sudden” all users being blocked for a very short duration.

anybody who has faced this and any idea, how or when does this happen? We are eager to simulate this before we resolve this issue.

Bhavani Shankar

I am facing this problem right now on the IS 7.1. This is wierd, never seen it before.

Is there any reasonable explanation for this ?



Any update, I see this problem after migrate to 71 from 61.


Hi all,

IS 6.5 has the concept of a master password that is used to protect many (not all) outbound passwords. Previously passwords were stored mostly unencrypted

I dont know how to bring the admin page up again but i know how to not run in to this issue again,

"To change the expiration interval for the master password
Open the Integration Server Administrator if it is not already open.
2 In the Security menu of the Navigation panel, click Outbound Passwords.
3 Click Update Expiration Interval.
4 Enter the new expiration interval in days and click Update. The maximum interval is
366 days.

Note: Although it is not recommended, you can specify an interval of 0. With this setting,
the password will not expire and no warnings will be sent to the Integration Server
Administrator or the server log."

You might face this issue if there are any changes made to the server configuration. Such as changes in environemtal values for encoding. It would be worth while to chech to see if there changes have been made.

can nyone help me on this?
i have configured broker
with the following configuration:
Broker Host:localhost:6849
Broker Name:Broker #1
Client Group:Integration Server
Use SSL:No
When i start the integration server i get the following error:
wm.prt.status:trigger encountered.
Transport exception:[iss.0098.9014] broker exception:Comm failure(102-2050)
:Unable to open connection to host ‘localhost’.Error 'java.net.ConnectException
:Connection refused:connect was reported by the socket call.
Broker synchronizer cannot reach the broker.
cannot obtain an admin transport.

Many thanks in advance

Have you configured the JMS connection PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS.

Thanks for the reply.
i havent configured the JMS Connection.
i dont know how to proceed with it?
would appreciate if u can help with this…as i am newbie in wm.

You would need create the JMS connection under the IS–>Messaging → JMS connection. You should go through the installation guide, these would be covered under the last section, something like completing the installation or something similar.


try Administrator/manage (case sensitive) and feedback :wink:



were you able to find out the reason why it happened? I am also facing similar problem. An IS service is invoked through http call by external application sometimes the call will be successful but some other times it says access denied. The response is not consistent. It would be very helpful if someone can provide some information/suggestion on this. (IS 7.1)



is your broker up and running. can u see broker as connected on IS admin page?


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