Unable to invoke IS REST API from Business Console gadget after adding gadget to AppSpaces


we are trying to learn developing custom business console gadgets and we did the required extended settings in IS to make REST API calls from gadgets. when we are trying with individual gadget URLu[/u] it is working as expected and IS REST API is getting invoked. We added the gadget under Appspaces with alias. Launched the page from Appspaces, screen is showing as expected but unable to invoke the IS REST API. Gadget server settings also correct. Is required any specific configurations after adding the gadget to Appspaces.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

The CORS setting might not have been configured in the Integration Server, please configure the same in the Extended Settings of Integration server.

Hi Vinay, thanks for reply. We have updated the CORS settings in IS after that only we are able to invoke the REST API from individaul gadget URL. After adding the gadget to Appspace is not working.

Can you please share the screenshots of console and network tabs of the Browser Developer tools when the issue occurs.