Unable to get connection from Pool - Websphere MQ Adapter er


We have configured a remote queue on the queue manager and when we try to do a connection test for the queue from the Webmethods Administration console, we get an error saying “Unable to get connection from pool”.

The queue manager connection test is successful. No issues with that.
The local queue connection test is also successful.
The problem is only when we try to do a test with a remote queue. We have checked the transmit queue configuration, checked the sender channel configuration at both the host and the destination boxes.

We are using Webmethods 6.0.1(SP1) with Websphere MQ Adpater version 3.0 connecting to Websphere MQ Version 5.3.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I also get the same error.


You will need to install the Webmethods MQ service pack 3.
That should solve ur problem.

If it doesnt then delete the queue from webmethods MQ console.
add the queue again (make sure that the MQ command server is running)

Do the connection test again.
If that also doesnt work then install fixes 6,7,8,9.