Unable to get a connection to resource

we have upgraded webMethods 6.0.1 to 6.5 recently. Everything was fine. But when interacting with the Database it was giving the following error.

[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service IFC_OIL.Oracle:getOutboundTransaction.
[ART.117.4012] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to run adapter service. Error occurred when connecting to resource IFCJDBCAdapters:OracleEAI.
[ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection to resource IFCJDBCAdapters:OracleEAI.
A connection was not available for request in pool IFCJDBCAdapters:OracleEAI

The interesting this is when i was executing a dynamic SQL it was working perfect. But we were executing a stored procedure. Hence it was giving this error…

I really appreciate if anyone helps me regarding this…

Hi This is me again,

Here are some of the details

Connection Type JDBC Adapter Connection
Package Name IFCJDBCAdapters

Connection Properties

DataSource Class oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
serverName devdb
user ifceai
password ******
databaseName devl
portNumber 1523
networkProtocol tcp
Other Properties driverType=thin

Connection Management Properties

Enable Connection Pooling true
Minimum Pool Size 0
Maximum Pool Size 5
Pool Increment Size 1
Block Timeout (msec) 40000
Expire Timeout (msec) 300000
Startup Retry Count 0
Startup Backoff Timeout (sec) 10

and we were using IS 6.5 with SP2 and JDBC Adapter 6.5

This error happens when there are not enough connections available to the database. Increase your MaximumPoolSize to 10 or 15 and try again.


I am getting this exact problem. ART.117.4002, ART.117.4012 and then ART.118.5053. Was this ever resolved?

We are getting it on multiple databases and even multiple applications. We are not even close to using up the connection pool. When it occurs, we are only using 2 or 3 connections out of 100 connections. (per Wily)

We are running following version…

Updates IS_7-1-2_Core_Fix2

JDBC Adapter - 6.5 Updates JDBC_6-5_Fix18, Updates JDBC_6-5_Fix19

Hi experts,
We are found error as below:

[ART.117.4012] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to run adapter service. Error occurred when connecting to resource perodua.eai.system.jp2db.atomic.jp2db_comn_conn_N_01:jp2db_comn_conn_N_01.
[ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection to resource perodua.eai.system.jp2db.atomic.jp2db_comn_conn_N_01:jp2db_comn_conn_N_01.
[ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource”.
Io exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=186647296)(ERR=12519)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12519)(EMFI=4))))

Please advise how to solve the problem

Thanks you

What is your webMethods version?

Check if the target resource is communicating correctly. Are you able to enable the JDBC connection? What is the error you see?


Connection Type: JDBC Adapter Connection

Transaction type: NO_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
networkProtocol: tcp
Other Properties: driverType=thin

Enable Connection Pooling: true
Minimum Pool Size: 1
Maximum Pool Size: 10
Pool Increment Size: 1
Block Timeout (msec): 1000
Expire Timeout (msec): 1000
Startup Retry Count: 0
Startup Backoff Timeout (sec): 10


I suggest to setup a call with DBA team, try changing pool size ( trial & error ) and come to conclusion by observing system behavior with different pool size and take the decision.


I too faced this error. I had reloaded the adapter service using the designer. It solved the problem. Try it out.

If not restart the IS.

Yes that’s the last option you could try :smiley:


I was able to “resolve” it by re-starting the JDBC connection. Though that’s not a solution, but only a workaround. However, I was not able to find the root cause as quick as the system was supposed to be up and running again.