Unable to generate SOAP Request and Unable to generate SOAP response - 900, 500 202 ERROR details

*** Need Help ASAP ***

Hi All,

SOA(webmethods) is trying to consume an API, i.e SOA has consumed a WSDL document provided by the target system. There was a warning message about “handlers” not available and hence SOA created consumer handler, late which the warning message was eliminated.

Now, when SOA tried to hit to the consumer, SOA is getting various HTTP messages like

  1. 900 error, 202 error, 500 error and more.
  2. SOA is also getting messages like: "Unable to generate SOAP request or Unable to generate SOAP Response &
  3. One or more handlers are not been provided.

Can anyone suggest what is that we are doing wrong please?

The request document contains header document and the response structure also contains the header document.


  1. Would there be any kind of namespace issue that we are missing to mention?