Unable to enable notification for Informix DB.

I am trying to enable notification for Informix db and the internal webMethods db that we currently use is Oracle and get following erro message when i try to enable a insert notification.

i) Is this related to any storage issue in internal DB?? In that case, let me know what to be done…

[215237][ADA.1.327] This notification is not ready to be enabled.,ServiceName=OOS_WIM_LOGGERDB.adapters:getDBInsertEvent,$$$AUDITPROCESS={MemData:DefaultJDBCConfig_1=4},ERRORINFO=java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc33-0069][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01653: unable to extend table WEBM.WMERROR by 1024 in tablespace WEBMDATA
[215236],errorCode=327,errorMessageArgs=null,errorResourceBundleName=com.wm.adapter.wmjdbc.JDBCAdapterResourceBundle,detail=null<<<,errorCode=116.3001,errorMessageArgs=[0]OOS_WIM_LOGGERDB.adapters:getDBInsertEvent,[1][ADA.1.327] This notification is not ready to be enabled.,errorResourceBundleName=com.wm.pkg.art.i18n.resources.AdapterRuntimeResourceBundle,detail=null<<<,ErrorMsg=[ART.116.3001] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Notification error during execution of OOS_WIM_LOGGERDB.adapters:getDBInsertEvent. Error: [ADA.1.327] This notification is not ready to be enabled…

What version of JDBC adapter are you using and is this in 7.1.1?

In 6.1/6.5 if we reload the package that contains the notifications, it will resolve the issue. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response. We are currently in 6.1 environment and reload or restart of server didnt help this issue.