Unable to delete an input

I have a document reference on the pipeline out of a Map step in a flow service. in that document, there are a couple elements which I have specified input for. but now, these elements’ input will no longer be ‘hard-coded’ and I’m trying to remove the inputs to the elements, but cannot. I select the little blue arrow (LBA) and press “Delete” key, but nothing happens. or if I select the LBA, the delete button in the pipeline edit pane is disabled.

I DO have the Flow Service locked for edit, as I can change the inputs, I just cannot remove them.


Even i have noticed this kind several times,the solution what i was doing was just click on another flowservice and come back to original flowservice or refresh the developer.Its weired but to let my work continue i have ignored it.

Anyways you have opened a thread atleast now someone can throw some light on this problem.