Unable to create WS-I compliant WSD provider due to error while reading back the generated WSDL


my colleagues and I currently have an issue when creating a WS-I compliant WSD provider:

Try to create the WSD provider from a WSDL/XSD from an URL hosted on a Tomcat.
Select type provider and select WS-Basic profile compliancy as true.

The generation fails with an error message that the WSDL could not be read from the server and Designer asks if the Descriptor should be saved as non-compliant version.

After checking the URLs I found out that it is trying to load from http://a-host:port/ instead of from http://a-host.some.domain.com:port/
I think that this has something to do with how the WSDL-URL is calculated.

Underlying OS is Solaris 11.

wM Version is 9.5 SP1 with IS_Core_Fix10 applied.

Any ideas how get the right WSDL-URL calculated for the WSD?