Unable to create Service Connectors

Hi All,
In my project, we are creating portlet applications in local environment and then merging the code into another machine.
But, we are facing problems with Service connector here. Whatever the service connector created in my machine is not working in other machines. Connector is still pointing to my IS instance. :cry:
I had used environment variables to set end point address, user credentials, so that migrating to other machines would be easy. But, still i am not able to migrate the code into other machines. :roll:
Moreover, even if you create another service connector using service in local IS, it is not pointing to local service. Instead, it is pointing to service in my IS server. :shock:
Can anybody suggest me possible solution for this situation?

Appreciate your help,
Kumar Gowda

what version are you using? How do you create the β€œnew” service connectors?

best regards