unable to create JDBC Pool

Hi there,
I’m attempting to create a basic adapter notification for an update trigger, however i’m receiving the below error.
The adapter notification does not create properly.

I’m using a MS SQL Serv 2014, connecting via the JDBC adapter.
Do i need to have a JDBC Pool setup? (IS: Settings > JDBC Pools)
Currently there is none setup.


[ISS.0085.9055] Node Adapters:test_adapterNotification_1PublishDocument does not exist
[ISS.0085.9055] Node Adapters:test_adapterNotification_1PublishDocument does not exist

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0085.9055] Node Adapters:test_adapterNotification_1PublishDocument does not exist
at wm.server.nsimpl.deleteNode(nsimpl.java:2453)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.JavaService.baseInvoke(JavaService.java:411)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.InvokeManager.process(InvokeManager.java:745)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.util.tspace.ReservationProcessor.process(ReservationProcessor.java:46)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.StatisticsProcessor.process(StatisticsProcessor.java:61)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.ServiceCompletionImpl.process(ServiceCompletionImpl.java:250)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.ValidateProcessor.process(ValidateProcessor.java:56)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.PipelineProcessor.process(PipelineProcessor.java:178)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.ACLManager.process(ACLManager.java:307)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.DispatchProcessor.process(DispatchProcessor.java:41)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.AuditLogManager.process(AuditLogManager.java:399)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.InvokeManager.invoke(InvokeManager.java:623)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.InvokeManager.invoke(InvokeManager.java:437)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.InvokeManager.invoke(InvokeManager.java:395)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceManager.invoke(ServiceManager.java:253)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.comm.DefaultServerRequestHandler.handleMessage(DefaultServerRequestHandler.java:127)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPMessageHandler.process(HTTPMessageHandler.java:163)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.HTTPDispatch.handleRequest(HTTPDispatch.java:190)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.Dispatch.run(Dispatch.java:408)
at com.wm.util.pool.PooledThread.run(PooledThread.java:134)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

For creating the JDBC Adapter notification the IS JDBC Pools need not be configured and what you need is the source table, Messaging Provider (Native UM/JMS).

More details can be found at the below link on how-to configure the Update Notification Template


Hi Mahesh,

I’m not able to setup the JDBC pools alias (Settings > JDBC Pools) as I’m not getting any of the options.
Please see screenshot.

I believe there should be able to setup the aliases in this screen.


As mentioned in one of the other post, you need to run the Database component configurator install and configure the IS JDBC pools that this is requried if you intend to use components like TN, MWS, BPM etc.,

For JDBC Adapter notification, you dont need the IS JDBC Pools and what you need is already mentioned in the above thread.

Additionally you will need a database driver which is able to connect to ms sql.

You can either use the bundled DataDirect Driver or you can download one from Microsoft.

After this driver is available you need to configure a Connection in JDBC Adapter admin UI, on which you can then configure the Notification.


I should mention i already have setup the JDBC Adapter and installed the JDBC Driver (mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre8) in the below locations:


See the attachments for the JDBC Connection details.

I’ve been using this config to connect to the SQL 2014 database and have able to successfully create SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE adaptors within the Designer application.

Is there anything i’m missing with my configuration?
Do i need to add the JDBC Driver (mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre8) in any other locations?

Hoping you can help!!

Hi Craig,

JDBC Pools are only needed when it relates to IS internal database handling like auditing, crossreferencing, process engine, B2B (aka TN).
These features use the bundled DataDirect driver.

When connecting to customer specific databases it is only required to have the driver jar under WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars folder in the packages folder.
In your case this would be C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars.
Reload Package WmJDBCAdapter afterwards.

The folder C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\custom is not part of the loading mechanism of IS, more likely this should be C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\lib\jars\custom instead.
But usually the location inside the WmJDBCAdapter package is preferred.

Remember to add a dependency on your DemoJDBC Package to the WmJDBCAdapter(Version=“.”) to avoid starting your connection before the basic runtime is available.