Unable to create Anonymous access to the file on the Integration server

Steps done:

  1. Created a package/folder
  2. Places a a.xsd file in the /pub directory of the package
  3. log on to IS Admin page/PackageManagement
  4. Select the Browse the folders and set the ACL’s to Anonymous access
  5. The Access file is created with the Anonymous access to this Doc (A.xsd)
  6. Reload the package
  7. Try to access the page from the browser (http://myIS:555//a.xsd
  8. It still asks the log in information

How do we set the Anonymous access without IS prompting for the User/Pwd?


For the file in /pub folder to be accessed without user credentials, you need to create a .access file in the /pub folder with the name of the file and the ACL set to it.For eg in the .access file your entry should be

a.xsd Anonymous

Reload the package after this and try accessing again.


Puneet Verma

plz check the steps 4 to 6.

This did the same as u mentioned but still it asks for user credentials to access the file.


As I intrpret the IS Admin Guide, IS does not automatically create an .access file. You have to create it yourself (eg., step 5 above). IS will process an existing .access file when a package is loaded/reloaded.

You will need create a access file
a.xsd Anonyomous
and save in the pub folder for that package.


As I mentioned earlier in my post (steps 4 to 6) the .access file is created with the Anonymous access to the file…

But even after this I need to enter the user credentials for accesing the file.

I note in step 5 that you spell the file A.xsd (in the .access file), whereas elsewhere you spell it a.xsd. As you know wm is case sensitive.

The steps 4 to 6 you specified talk about changing the ACL’s while in this case you manually need to create a .access file which will contain the name of the file you want anonymous access and the ACL corresponding to that.It works fine for me.Just follow the steps and it should work for you too…

Puneet Verma

ladson- I meant to give you a generic example of some dummy file name, I do have the correct name. Thanks for the suggestion

Puneet- I did make sure i have a .access file with the anonymous access to the file I need( a.xsd anonymous).
But when I try to access the file using my browser I still need to give the user credentials to access the file, which is why I am suprised.


Paste the contents of your .access file with its location.

Also try to reload the package and see if that helps.

Hi saurabhm,

Contents of my .accesss file

a.xsd Anonymous

I reloaded the package couple of times, but it’s the same issue.


Hi All,

Great news! I got it working!!!

Actually when i created the access file I created the file as “.access”
I changed to just “.access”.

There is miscommunication in the advantage site where for one of the SR (
SR-1-51270321 )
they asked to name the access file as Acccess.access file.

This led me to name the access file as said above.

But after some investigation i did realize that it works with “.access” as filename.

Thanks all guyz for the responses !!!


Great that it worked for you.

make sure you let the advantage guys know about that error in the SR description.