Unable to configure webMethods Adapter for JDBC connections

Hi Guys,

I am new to web methods. I am trying to learn admin part in free time.

Today i faced a problem while trying to configure JDBC adapter connection .

Actually i dont have idea of jdbc class and drivers concept.

I provided the details( com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver) as Data source class.

Provided my database url details and other properties.

I downloaded seperate JDBC drivers and placed inside the directory of ----->JDBC adapter\code\jars

when enabling the connection, i am facing error.here is the attached screen shot for reference.

Much helpful, if any one provide guidance on this topic

Naveen Ragi

Hi Naveen,

You can download the ojdbc jar file and place it in the IntegrationServer /lib/jars folder path and restart the server to fix the issue

You can also refer to the product documentation for more information

Hi Ragi,

please provide the versions of your IntegrationServer and JDBC Adapter.

What is your Database vendor?

For recent wM versions you can use the bundled data direct driver (see “IS Admin → Settings → JDBC Pools” for configuration details).
If this one is not usable for your concerns you can download the original driver from your database vendors download page.

See JDBC Adapter Install and Users Guide for further informations.

From wM 9.6 onwards there are two locations where the driver jars should be stored:

  • IntegrationServer/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars
  • IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars

Remember to reload WmJDBCAdapter package after placing the jars there.

WmJDBCAdapter requires the usage of a DataSource class instead of a Driver class for connection pooling.