Unable to call pub.client.http using document as the Input

Hi All,

We have a requirement in which we have to call one of the webservice using the http post method by providing IS document in the input.

Currently we tried to use the inbuilt service i.e pub.client.HTTP by mapping IS doc in the args field under data input of the service.

We are not able to successfully invoke the target webservice. Please help

Also let us know if there are any ways to invoke the webservice(resides on another IS server) inside any flow service with out using the connector

If your trying to directly invoke a remote IS service from your local IS, take a look at pub.remote:invoke

If the document is in your local pipeline at invoke time, the remote service can use it as it’s input (the remote service needs to have this document type defined as it’s input…)

Or, probably the best way is to just expose the remote service as a web service by simply:

  • Creating a new “Web Service Descriptor” WSDL for your provider IS service.
  • Import/Create the WSDL on the consumer IS, this will auto generate pretty much everything for you.

That is not the proper way to make a call to a SOAP interface. Review the “Web Services Developer’s Guide” for details.