unable to attach text file in HTML email

Hi all,

I have created a Flow service to send email in HTML format and it is working fine, But now i have to add an attachment(text file) to the email. I am able to send plain text email with attachment but with HTML content, the text file is not getting attached with the email.

services that i am using(in sequence) are :

  1. pub.io.stringToStream

  2. pub.mime.createMimeData
    -----mime-header/content-type = text/html
    -----mime-header/x-priority = 1

  3. pub.mime.addBodyPart
    -----mimeData = [created in previous step above(2)]
    -----content = [created in first step above(1)]
    -----contentTyp = text/html

  4. pub.mime.getEnvelopStream
    -----mimeData = [created in previous step above(3)]

  5. pub.client.smtp
    -----mail host
    -----mimeStream = [created in previous step above(4)]
    ---------content=[string value]/[stringToStream for the input]/[stringToBytes for the input]

Please suggest, Thanks in advance.
Abhishek Jain


See if this helps


Hi mahesh,

Thanks for the efforts, but what i want is to send an email with “HTML as body”, and “an attachment attached with that mail”. HTML content is getting emailed perfectly, the only issue is with Attachment.
I am not able to attach the text file or any file(pdf/doc) with the email.

Abhishek Jain


When I look at your code for the service pub.client:smtp you are passing both.

---------content=[string value]/[stringToStream for the input]/[stringToBytes for the input]

But the built in service guide says
content - byte, String, or java.io.InputStream Content of the message.
filename - String Name of a local file to be attached to the message. Used only if content is not specified. "

Can you check this if I am not wrong.

Meanwhile attach your package that has your code. Let me have a look at that.

Hi mahesh,

Apologies for replying so late, i got busy in some more critical issue.

  • I have tried all the three options for content.
  • Filename is provided if we want to provide a predefined name to the content/attachment.

Please find attached the Sample code for the same.

Best regards…
HTMLEmail.zip (10.4 KB)

I think what’s happening is that your use of the pub.client:smtp’s mimeStream parameter is overriding the use of the attachments parameter. What you need to do is make a second pub.mime:addBodyPart call to add your attachment to the mimedata object before the pub.mime:getEnvelopeStream call.

@M@he$h: the 8.2-SP2 Integration Server Built-In Services Reference specifies:

  • If you specify attachment/content and attachments/filename, the service uses the value of attachments/filename as the name to assign to the attachment specified by attachment/content.
  • If you specify attachments/filename, but not attachment/content, the service attaches the local file specified by attachments/filename.

@erossing.26610 hi,

I am not able to figure out that how can in add Attachment in pub.mime:addBodyPart. Though i have tried two streams one for body and other for attachment, but that is also not working.
Please upload the code if possible.

Thanks !!

Abhishek Jain

Here’s a sample, which works for me. It was created on wM IS version 8.2.2

HTMLEmailWithAttachment.zip (6.29 KB)

HI erossing,

It is working perfectly fine as intended :D, Thanks for the efforts man.

Best regards …
Abhishek Jain