Unable to add partner to processing rule in TNConsle

We have over 84 partners in one of our processing rules. We now need to add another one. The problem is that when i go from frame 1 to frame 2 and select the partners in frame 2, it erases the partners selected in frame 1 in the selection criteria. I tried to look around for a patch but could not find any. No answer from wM either.

any help is appreciated

If you’re running 6.1, there is apparently a fix for it. From the read me for TNC_6-1_Fix4:

1-PHS7W (TNC_6-1_Fix4)
On the Processing Rules screen, when the user adds a partner profile for senders or receivers, Trading Networks removes the existing profiles.

The Trading Networks Console allows you to specify a list of senders and receivers on both of the following tabs:

  • Basic Criteria tab of the processing rules query panels

  • Criteria tab of the Processing Rule Detail screen

Previously, when you selected to add partner profiles to this list of senders and receivers, Trading Networks did not append the new profiles to the existing profiles.

With this fix applied, when you add profiles to the list for senders and receivers, Trading Networks appends the new profiles to the end of the list. This service pack adds the capability to delete from this list as well.

Thanks Tim. Your suggestion worked!