Unable to access services in WmPublic pubweb

The folder web in WmPublic -pub is not accessible either from the Developer or the Admin Console.
If I do a search for a service in this folder and then try to goto this service, I get the following error

Could not find service ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’

[ITD.0024.0001] Cannot access ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’ without List ACL privileges.

Please help.


Check the acls on WmPublic,web folders and documentToRecord service.

How do I check the acls on web folders and documentToRecord service ? I mean i cannot view this folder neither from the admin console nor from the developer.

Please help

pub.web services are deprecated in wM6.0.1 onwards. So those services are kept hidden for backward compatibility (so that you can run already-written services). But you are not supposed to use them for any new developments. Instead, use services in pub.xml.


Thanks a lot Jesin.