Unable to access services in WmPublic -> pub->web

The folder web in WmPublic -pub is not accessible either from the Developer or the Admin Console.
If I do a search for a service in this folder and then try to goto this service, I get the following error

Could not find service ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’

[ITD.0024.0001] Cannot access ‘pub.web:documentToRecord’ without List ACL privileges.

Please help.


Please help. Hasn’t anybosy run across the same problem…


Hi Rieta,

The pub.web.* components were deprecated (and mostly replaced with pub.xml.* equivalents) in Integration Server 6.0 and above. The services still exist (I believe you can still use them with the old name) but they no longer show up under Developer or Server Administrator.

The corresponding services are listed in the readme.txt file in the IntegrationServer directory as:

pub.web:createRegions           Use WQL or XQL query in queryXMLNode.
pub.web:documentToRecord        pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument
pub.web:freeDocument            pub.xml:freeXMLNode
pub.web:getDocumentType         pub.xml:getXMLNodeType
pub.web:getNextNode             pub.xml:getNextXMLNode
pub.web:getNodeIterator         pub.xml:getXMLNodeIterator
pub.web:loadDocument            pub.xml:loadXMLNode
pub.web:makeArrays              Use xmlNodeToDocument with the documentTypeName param.
pub.web:queryDocument           pub.xml:queryXMLNode
pub.web:recordToDocument        pub.xml:documentToXMLString
pub.web:stringToDocument        pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode

Note also that WIDL and WebTap (not listed above) are no longer supported in webMethods Integration Server 6.0 and higher.

Hope this info helps.


Steve Ovens

above comments are very useful for me