Unable to access Queue. - Error RedeliveryCountMode=Automatic. It already exists with

I get the following error when connecting to a JMS Queue / Enabling the JMS Trigger on my IS.

[BRM.10.2205] JMS: Cannot connect to queue “MyQueue” with RedeliveryCountMode=Automatic. It already exists with a conflicting value.

What is RededeliveryCountMode and how and where do I set it? What should it be set to?


I face the same issue with a trigger , and i was wondering where to configure the RededeliveryCountMode , and if it’s a problem with the trigger or the jms Queue

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I assume you are using broker as your JMS server. Kindly share the broker version with fix details.


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broker 82


Hi everybody,

Has this issue been solved yet?
As I am facing the same problem, but with Broker 9.6

Yes. This problem was resolved long time back in 8.2 version and forward ported to 9.x releases.

JMS queues always use re-delivery count setting. In your case, it appears that queue in server has a different value, so client (IS?) is not able to connect to that particular queue in server. This issue used to occur because of following upgrade steps:

  • Use unpatched client and server to export queue information. This will leave out count=automatic setting, which then defaults to count=none or something.
  • Import that to newer version server. Now, server will have wrong setting
  • Client fails to connect

Correction requires recreating the queue on server. If using export/import method, say from 8.2 setup, then apply following patches

  • On 8.2 source server, install latest core fix
  • On 8.2 installation where you ran broker_save, install latest java and command line fixes
  • On 8.2 MWS installation (if you used UI to export, instead of broker_save), install latest java fixes
  • Then, export. Now, queue will be exported with count=automatic
  • Then import the file on server. Ensure you have installed all latest fixes on applicable target installations.

Or, you can just delete the queue on server, and create new one. This will work fine, if you have few queues that require correction.