UM Subscription Filter

We are trying to use the same UM realm with different Integration Server.

IS 1 Publish - IS 3 Subscribe
IS 2 Publish - IS 4 Subscribe

On both IS we have the same document but we want the subscription to be in different IS according to the IS that publishes the document,

What is the best approach using UM ?

With the Broker we had one broker server with two different Brokers.




What is the end use case here ?


We would like to share the same UM with the IS of development and test environment.

Dev Publisher IS → Dev Subscriber IS (UM 1)
Test Publisher IS → Test Subscriber IS (UM 1)

Out of curiosity, why? I don’t think UM has the same notion of a “managing server” (Broker Server) with independent messaging instance (Broker). In effect, the prior setup you had were 2 independent messaging instances. The IS instances connected to one or the other. Is there a constraint for spinning up a separate UM instance for test?

We now have a UM with Active / Passive cluster.

We don’t want to have two Active / Passive clusters. We only want to have one infraestructure of UM for Dev and Tests.

In dev you have active/passive? Hmm. I get using active/passive in test to mimic what is in prod. But for dev, seems excessive?

Did you have active/passive with Broker Server in dev?

In any case, I do not know how to get a single UM instance to support independent “message networks” the way Broker Server does with Broker. Perhaps someone else has an approach – would be interested to hear what it might be. Given that IS publishing and subscribing is all based upon document type, unless there is a way at the IS level to segregate published docs there may not be an approach with a single UM. Client prefix comes to mind but I don’t think that segregates things – just helps with publish order and subscriber “clustering”.

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If your IS subscriptions have different names between Dev and Test, you can try the DurableNameFiltering option under DurableConfig in UM. It should allow you to designate each message to a particular subscriber. In order to enable it when you publish from IS there was something you need to set… subject name, or something similar.