UM Configuration

I configured 2 UM’s as a clustered by using SITE approach.

how to specify the JMS url in WMOPTIMIZE and WMPRT package? Whether I need to specify 2 urls or only one.

like- nsp://host1:9000,nsp://host2:9000

Any idea where and all I need to configure the 2 urls?

Firstly, UM with just 2 servers doesn’t look like a better approach. You are only avoiding 50% chance of system being down. If one UM goes down which has prime set, the entire cluster is down.

With broker, it wasn’t possible to set two broker server URL in WmOptimize package. Need to check documentation, if that is possible with UM. To start with, you can set single UM server in both these packages. UM does sync with other realms in cluster.

While you define environments in MWS, in second tab under general, you will find jndi configuration. In that place, you can specify both the UM server URL separated by comma. Check Configuring BAM PDF for more detail.


yes, I know that. We have to switch manually(IsPrime). As we don’t have much critical interfaces, this should be fine for us.

Currently I configured those packages with two url’s only, so far it’s working fine. But I need to know whether it is correct or not.

Have verified Configuring BAM document as well, but no use.

For borker, you will not configure as broker doesn’t support active / active clustering.

What you have configured is correct to my knowledge.

I hope, under WmPRT home page, you would see the ‘Optimize Logging’ in green. If the URL’s in settings link (Optimize URL) is not correct, the Optimize Logging will be in red.


Enter the URLs to both UM nodes as you listed them in your question - nsp://host1:9000,nsp://host2:9000. Both the wmOptimize and wmPRT packages have configuration pages within the Integration Server where you can enter the information

Can you comment for the same question with Broker? When I tried with two broker servers (broker1:6849, broker2:6849), it did not work. Does it mean, BPM environments (WmPRT, WmOptimize) can connect to atmost one broker server ONLY at any time and we cannot make use of something like JMS policy based clustering & make use of two broker servers which are listening on primary port?