UM cluster and IS v9.5: JNDI alias connection using semicolon.

Hello all,
as we know from official documentation (UM+IS v9.10) we can define a JNDI alias connection pointed to an UM cluster using semicolon as separator.
This syntax provide not only HA but LB too.
Question is, can we use semicolon from UM+IS v9.5?. Is semicolon separator supported?. What is the recommended approach in terms of HA-LB?.

Thanks in advance.


Till UM 9.7, only comma-separated URL is supported when using clustered realms. Only from UM 9.8, cluster nodes can be separated using semi-colon.

When cluster nodes are separated by comma, client always connects to first node mentioned in the URL. But when they are separated by semi-colon, clients connect to a randomly selected node. This ensures distribution of clients across the cluster.