UEX1 or UEX11 sample?

Hello all… Can anyone provide a “working” sample of UEX11 (preferred) or UEX1 that does anything at all. I am looking to add a cipher code to a file in order to put encryption into effect (haven’t done this before), but I just need to see anything at all that works as a starting point. Thanks! :?

Well, the sample UEX11* in Adabas’ SRCE dataset should be working fine,
you’d just need to add a few lines of code to set the cipher code.

Did you try that and it didn’t work ?

No, I haven’t tried anything yet. I’d like to see how the file number is queried and how the cipher code is plugged into the control block. I haven’t seen any such thing in YEARS and want to have an example to compare my code to.

Ok, let me see if I can create a sample for you, but I’ll only get to it over the weekend, I’m afraid.

Thank you, Wolfgang. No hurry.

Hello Wolfgang… Have you had the time to come up with an UEX11 sample?

Afraid not, sorry :cry:

But not forgotten, I’ll hopefully get to it within the next couple of days.

Hi, Wolfgang… I’ve been off doing other things on other projects and have just returned to this. I could still use a basic, working UEX11 sample to get me started. Any chance you have one…?

Afraid not yet, sorry for that, I’m on the road as we speak, I’ll finally get around to it next weekend, this time for real …

I won’t post the whole thing here, but a simple implementation which checks for two different file numbers (11 and 12) and sets specific cipher codes for each one would be like this

UEx11E   DS    0H                                                 
*        Begin functional code here                               
         XC    WRetCode,WRetCode   Default to RC=0                
         CLC   ACBXFnr,=F'11'      File 11 ?                      
         BE    UEx11E11            Yes, set Ciphercode            
         CLC   ACBXFnr,=F'12'      File 12 ?                      
         BE    UEx11E12            Yes, set Ciphercode            
         B     UEx11X              Not a file we are interested in
UEx11E11 DS    0H                  Set cipher code for file 11    
         MVC   ACBXAdd4,=CL8'cipher11'                            
         B     UEx11X              Done, back to caller           
UEx11E12 DS    0H                  Set cipher code for file 11    
         MVC   ACBXAdd4,=CL8'cipher12'                            
         B     UEx11X              Done, back to caller           

So you simply insert your code after label UEx11E.

If this doesn’t meet your requirements (check file number, set cipher code) or still doesn’t give you enough of a hint please let me know and we can tackle it offline.

Thank you, Wolfgang! This is exactly what I needed. Many thanks! What was confusing me was the fact that UEX11 is working with a ‘copy’ of the control block; but I was on the right track. It seems I may ultimately have 25 or 30 files that I must cipher, and that will entail a search of tables within the exit (one for the file #, one for the ciper code), but this example is where the work is done and is very helpful.

Grand, if you run into issues or come up with more questions - please let me know.

And sorry again for the delay.