Hai All,
Curious to findout if anyone worked on the supplier side of the UCCnet implementation. trying to find someone who can walkme through the process of RCIR, CIN and Query Worklist. Any discussion on this appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi Raj,

Which version of UCCnet are you implementing ?

The normal process for UCCnet is as follows,

  1. The supplier first send an RCIR transaction to register an item with UCCnet with all the basic item attributes

  2. The Supplier then sends a CIN to the retailer( Recipient) via UCCnet with all the attributes like Hardlines, Produce etc.

  3. The Retailer queries the worklist to download the CINs from UCCnet

  4. The Retailer then sends the CIC to UCCnet.

  5. The supplier then uses Query Worklist to download the CICs sent by the retailer.

In the latest UCCNet version, the retailer first needs to register to receive any CINs by sending the CIS transaction.

Hope this helps


Hey Manoj,

Can you please describe more on Query Work List in technical. I have to implement this and looking for starting point. It would be a real help if you could shed some light.  

Thanks in advanceā€¦

Thanks Manoj,
This information definitely helps me to kickoff.
by the way we are implementing UCCnet 6.0.3.