Two AS2 certificates with one instance of webMethods 6.5

My company plans to split our business into two separate companies. They want a new second ISA ID created so our trading partners can send/receive EDI data directly with each of the two companies. We us EDIINT with some trading partners and currently use one certificate for all of our production partners. Can we create and use two certificates with one instance of webMethods and TN? In other words, can we use one certificate for the first (Enterprise Trading Partner) and the second certificate for the new business (normal trading partner)? Also, can both businesses (the existing Enterprise Trading Partner and the new business trading partner) use the same certificate? We currently use webMethods 6.5 and Trading Networks. Thanks for any information you can give.


     Yes, you can use a single WM instance for two different partners. Before that you have to ensure those two partners should configure and updated in Database successfully. Then you can map the partners certificate at encrypt/decrypt section of security section with Desired destination. Since its a AS2 delivery, no need of root certificate. Only a leaf and intermediate certificate will help you to do this mechanism. 

 Please feel free to ask in case of any concerns.