Tuning Optimize

HI Experts,

Need help with tuning of Optimize (wM 9.8)

In document there are certain parameters mentioned for tuning Optimize, needed more clarification on that.

With my limited knowledge i see Define Environment hold the tunning options. Let me know if there are other parameters as well.

  1. Analysis Engine Settings for Analytic Engine v9.8.0.0
    Here i see the tolerance and other parameters with default values.
    Are these parameters a time unit ? How do i test the changes to these values.

  2. Monitor Behavior Settings for Analytic Engine v9.8.0.0

This reflect day. I am confused as the monitoring is happening live and i get updates every min. Am i missing any thing here ?

On the pooling interval. Can i update the default KPI interval from 1 min to desired number ?