tspace cleanup

we are running is and tn 6.5 on an AIX cluster. I am curious about garbadge collection in the tspace dir. is there a way to clear this out without waiting on the normal collection.

411… this is a simple FTP get and put. get from our BU and put to an external party, and inbound as well.

after a put or abort, we close the stream, but the collection process doesnt seem to want to let it go. again, is this on a scheulde, or is the data overwritten when the space is needed again?

Please elaborate the scenario in detail. Just wanted to ensure that you are talking about the tspace dir for storing the file by simple FTP get by your code on IS and then put that file to via FTP. Please carify that you are not talking about the large file temporarily stored by TN in the tspace dir.

We are forcing the FTP get into a content stream by setting the threshold at 0. the result, is that the data is seen as a contenet stream, and the representing data populates the tspace location as text. We read part of the stream (mark and reset) to determine if the header is unique, and exit or put accordingly.

Both the exit and put close the stream after they are done. However, the tspace location still has a file sitting there. It almost appears, that the IS thinks they are still attached or in use, because you cant delete them until after the IS has been re-started.

we do have TN on this cluster, but we are not calling any of the TN code.

I am curious if GC will see the data in the tspace location and clean it out, or if it only removes trash from memory.

Bhawesh: It is indeed the large file area that used to be a TN facility. The large doc handling features have been “promoted” to general IS facilities. In IS 6.5, the FTP get service can now use large file handling.

Jim: It looks like files are cleaned up on an as needed basis and on server restart.
Basically, when a file arrives, the oldest files are removed to make room if needed. If not enough room, failure. I noticed there were a number of SRs opened regarding tspace and TN and a number of fixes. I know you’re not using TN in this case but it looks like the “promotion” of tspace has had a bit of trouble so it may be a good idea to open an SR with wM.

will do, cause the oldest files are in fact not going away.

I will keep you posted