TSD & XML Documents

Hi All,
I am new to XML Tamino Server, I have installed the Server and created a tsd using Schema Editor. I have certain doubts in this regard.

1)Is there any default directory where we should save the tsd files and XML files OR Can I save it any where in my system.
2) Do we need any dtd files other than the TSD files for a particular schema.

I have also defined the schema with a database which I have created.
Now using the tamino manager I tried to load the xml files which I have created. But it is showing some error.

3) Is there any particular format to write the xml files other than the format for usual xml file.
4) what should be the format for log file(is it an xml file)?
5) If the log file is not physically existing will it create by its own?
6) Can we have same log file for more than one xml file

I will be thankful for a immediate reply


Hello there

1) there is no default location required

2) although you may use a DTD to initially define the schema, once the schema is defined you only need the .TSD file in case you need to change the schema.

3) Files either need to be valid xml (or deliberately in non-XML format)

4)5)6) What do you mean by a log file ?
And how exactly are you trying to add the records via the Tamino Manager ?


Hi Gosden,
Thanks for your reply.
Infact when I am trying to load the document through Tamino Manager. It is asking for Log file path and file name.
I thankful to your valuable advice, and expecting your more valuable advice and suggestions to learn the product

Thanks & Regards

It sounds like you are creating a new database via the Tamino Manager and it is promptng you for a Log Location. The log is not XML data but part of the database mechanism, and to start with it is best to leave the location as the default.

To start with, XML data is best loaded via the Tamino Interactive Interface. There is a good chapter called ‘Loading and Retrieving XML Objects’ supplied with the Tamino documentation which says how to do this.