Trying to run publistsizeOfList returns java error

I am trying to run the service sizeOfList in the WmPublic package. All other services in this package work fine, but sizeOfList returns java error: “EDT method getLocale()Ljava/util/Locale; not found”. Since this is a delivered package, no source or shared imports can be seen to debug problem.

We have IS 4.6 with ServicePack 1. I tried to reload the package, but that didn’t help. Any ideas??? Thanks.

In what context are you trying to run it? In a Flow or Java service or…?

I got this message when I passed a NULL list value to size of list. This service provides a number of records expected in the record list, but it expects to have a valid record list to utilize. If you pass a null list object, then it isn’t happy.

I also encountered a similar problem when executing sizeOfList. It does not matter whether its called from a java or a flow service or called directly. Looks like there’s a problem at the server level. If anyone has a soln. please get back to me ASAP.



Service.getLocale() was added to support globalization (multi-locale support). A NumberFormat object is created in the caller’s locale in order to format the String representation of an Integer value that is returned in the size value.

It seems that the class does not have that method in it. That class should have been updated in the IS_4-6_SP1.jar to match the WmPublic list.class update.

Make sure the Server About screen contains SP1 in the patch list. If so, please contact webMethods support.