Troubleshooting external database configuration issues with webMethods API Portal

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Often times many users face difficulties in troubleshooting configuration issues with respect to configuring an external database with API Portal. As part of this article, we will take a look at different troubleshooting steps to validate the settings.

Verify external service registration

Verify whether there exists a external service of type (DB) registered with ZooKeeper. You could use below command to list down the services registered with ZooKeeper registry.

As you can see above command will list down both internal/external services registered with zookeeper registry. If you would like to view only the external services you can use the below command.

If you find more than one services of type DB defined in the zookeeper, you should remove the unused/invalid entries by deregister external service command. We need to supply the unique identifier (Serivce ID) for the external service to uniquely locate and remove the external service.

Verify registered external service properties

issue below command which would list down the external service properties. Carefully verify whether details of each of the properties.

The key properties of interest would include username/ password/ url. If you find any incorrect information/ typos in the external service you could update the details using update external service command

Verify database server connetivity

As part of this step we will try verifying the database connectivity from portal server. API Portal servers uses JDBC to connect to the database servers. We have written a simple JDBC sample program to verify the connectivity to a server. We could use it to isolate connectivity issues.

  • Oracle - Click here to download

  • MSSQL - Click here to download

As shown, the JDBC client programs expects a JDBC driver in the classpath. If the client able to connect with given JDBC driver/ JDBC url / username/ password then we will be good to go for the validation with application. (1.61 KB) (1.61 KB)