Trigger, sequence and buffer not created in database on polling enable

Hi all,

I am running WM6.5 and have an insert notification which has been migrated to a new server. I have changed the connection details and enabled the poller however it does not create the necessary buffers etc in the database. And gives the following error:

2007-07-31 14:57:10 BST [ART.0116.3001E] Adapter Runtime
(Notification): Notification error during execution of Notification:NewReceivedMesges. Error: [ADA.1.327] This notification is not ready to be enabled…

the server is part of a cluster with another IS having a similar adapter set-up, however at the moment this IS is down so I should think that there is no interference.

If i disable and then re-enable again it polls but throws a table not found error as it cant find the tables/sequence etc.

Any ideas?



Did the wm user trying to connect to that db tables/sequences have enough permissions setup so that it have access??


The user has adequate permissions to create the tables as this environment has been working previously under the same user setup. I think that it is to do with interference from the clustered environment as one of the servers is hanging mid start. I have manually removed the DB adapters from the package structure on this server to see if it helps with the running one.


Sorted :smiley:

The hanging server had some errant remote config entries that prevented it from starting. Once this was resolved, disabling the notifications from this server servered all the remaining ties with the DB objects related to those notifications.

On a re-enable the buffer tables and triggers were created. So in the end a simple fix. Ensure all notification hooks to the database are resolved before re-enabling when working in a cluster.