trigger output

Hi to all
The trigger out put is diplaying in server log how can see the output in the result panel of the developer screen

You would benefit greatly from some basic training in Integration Server development.

Asking a multitude of beginner level questions on a technical discussion forum is not an efficient way to learn any technology including Integration Server.

After you have spent some quality time with the product documentation (including the PDF’s in the wm_home\Developer\doc\guides folder), please do feel free to ask clarifying questions.


OK, I have the solution.

When You running/testing any service Developer forces to create a new session (or use the same owned) and to assign thread on the server - this session and thread are working for Developer and therefore You see the result of invocation.

When trigger invokes any service then he for a while is the owner of different new session + thread. This trigger, session or thread have no idea of user using Developer and wanting look at the result.

Solution (but for development enviroment only):
Create two Java services in the same folder (class de facto), and in this class create (Shared->Source edit box) instance member: IData pipeline.

java service tool.latched:setDocument

  • input [document] document
synchronized (_instance) {
    try {
        _instance.pipeline = IDataUtil.deepClone(pipeline);
    } catch ( e) {
        throw new ServiceException(e);

java service tool.latched:getDocument

  • output [document] document
IDataUtil.append(_instance.pipeline, pipeline);

the same class “latched” “Shared->Source”

IData pipeline; // it's better to create regular instance member and  use "_instance" static member, but not create any other static members

In triggering service invoke also tool.latched:setDocument mapping the trigger document to “document”.
From Developer invoke tool.latched:getDocument.

Works fine, doesn’t it ?

Wouldn’t invoking savePipeline from the trigger service, then running restorePipeline from Developer achieve the same result?

Yes of course, even better, because of its “$name” selector/key, it was my tiredness (2 AM in the night), and thanks.