Trigger join not workinga among multiple IS:es


I´m having some issues with a trigger with a join condition.
I have 2 IS:es (v7.1.2) which are configured to use the same broker host.
Both IS:es are configured identically (same host, name and prefix)

I have a trigger with a join condition (for 2 different document types).
Whenever I publish two documents, they can either end up on the same IS and be processed (join condition fulfilled) or each document can (at least I think so) end up on different IS:es and they will not be processed :frowning:

If I publish 100 documents of each type, approx 25% are joined and processed on the 1st IS and 25% are processed on the other. The other 50% are just “lost in space” (not a trace of the at all). :confused:

As far as I know the broker should handle this.
If I disable the trigger on one of the IS:es it works flawlessly.

Ideas anyone?

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To do this you must use IS clustering. That will provide the ability to use join when the events go to different IS instances. Refer to the IS clustering guide for details.

This is not a Broker thing. The Broker has no idea about joins. Joining multiple events is purely an IS thing.

Aah - ok, didn´t think that was necessary if they shared the same broker.

You learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Anyway - now I know what to do.
Thanks alot!

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